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Friday, December 31, 2004

What's the point anyway ?

So, here I am, the latest member of the blogoshpere. But, why you may be asking yourself, and what is the point? Well, I've decided to start blogging for a number of reasons. And, it occurred to me, that perhaps the best blog entry to begin with would be the one that explained those reasons. Not so much to justify to you the reader my blogging existence, but primarily to convince myself that this is a good idea. You see, in spite of all the hype and buzz around blogs these days, I'm not entirely convinced. So, lets just start, and see where I end up.

Reason # 1: Crossroads are kinda tricky.

I've come to the point in my professional career, where things need to change, and things will change. Working for "the man" (at least the current "man") is just no longer satisfying. Perhaps it never ever was. I think, that for a lot of years I was just pretty good at going with the flow and doing what was expected to get by. Not to excel, thrive, or grow, but just enough to get by. And, I got by pretty well in some regards. Financially it was pretty good. Better than most. But, rarely on a personal level was it ever very challenging or rewarding. My current employer seems to be the worst of the bunch. Or, perhaps I'm just at the age where I'm finally starting to see things with a little more clarity. I know my expectations are higher, it's gonna take more than a decent paycheck to keep this guy happy. I'm hoping, that writing about it will help me to figure things out. Journaling as a problem solver is not something that came to me through divine inspiration, but one that several others have suggested, specifically Steve Pavlina and David Michael.

Reason # 2: It's good for business.

One of the possible paths in the before mention crossroads I'm at is that of entrepreneur. I've been investing a considerable amount of time in the business of becoming a full time independent computer games designer. Which encompasses everything from drawing pretty graphics, writing computer programs, designing web sites, building websites, learning about internet marketing, using good SEO (search engine optimization), and managing my time more productively between "the man", family, personal interests, and starting a new business. Now one of the things web marketing pundits will tell you is how beneficial blogging can be for your business. It's all the buzz these days. Blog Blog Blog . . . Blah Blah Blah. One of the best things you can do is to frequently mention your web site in your blog. It's even better, if you mention that your web site is a great site for downloading fun and free computer games. Of course, if you mention it too much, than those nasty old search engines like Google might just ignore you. Kinda like saying the same thing over and over and over to your kids. It just becomes like so much noise. Ironically, the search engines do seem to like it when you mention their name. Apparently it's a great way to get noticed by them, which in turn is great for your web site (SunAndGames in this case) because the search engines will then tell everyone about you. Cool huh ? So, I guess that's enough blatant self promotion. Now, what's next?

Reason # 3: So, how's the family?

My side of the family, is not always so good at staying in touch it seems. Present company included. Could be a genetic trait, or just a side effect of being a guy. Either way, it seems to me that with all this great technology available these days bringing the global village closer and closer, that family (specifically my family) should be a little more in touch. For all I know, some of them are probably a step ahead of me, and blogging their little brains out already. Of course, if I was more in touch, I'd know. There are a few English majors in the family after all. This seems like their turf I'm treading on here. But, if none of them are, than maybe this will start something. Would be kinda of nice to get a little network of family and friends together doing this kind of thing and just keeping up on each others lives. Easier than snail-mail, and it's not like ya gotta lick a stamp or anything gross like that.

Reason # 4: Writing's kinda fun . . . isn't it?

I used to really like writing, and maybe I still do. I remember being pretty good at creative writing in elementary school. Monsters, spaceships, werewolves and crazy stuff like that. I think I have something lying around in a scrapbook of some of my earlier works of literary greatness. Grade 1 or 2 I think. Perhaps, if I find it, I could use it for a quick and easy blog entry later on . . . stay tuned. Somewhere along the line, the creative and fun part of my writing disappeared. Most of the writing I do these days revolves around email and technical documents for "the man". Time perhaps to put a little more creativity into my writing efforts. Blogging can only help that. The more I write the better I'll get . . . I hope. Websites need content. Content is everything, and the only place to get truly original content, is to create it. Another way for SunAndGames to thrive, is if its owner (that's me) can write engaging, clear, and interesting content. Did you notice how I slipped the old web site name in there again. Think those search engines are ignoring me yet ;)

It's worth a shot . . .

Well that's good enough reason for me. And in the spirit of brevity, I think you'd probably agree. I've still got a couple of good reasons to write about, but I think I'll save those for a later blog. Always keep 'em wanting more ;) This has been kind of fun and a good start I think. Now, it's just a question of persistence and dedication to the task at hand.

And hey, as the "Great One" once said:

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.
---Wayne Gretzky


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