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Thursday, March 12, 2009

String em up!

Times are tough, we all know that, but we still need to play squash. Or tennis, or badminton, or racquetball, or whatever decent racquet sport it is your into. As sports go, racquet sports are not overly expensive to participate, but there are some costs. They always find a way to get you somehow don't they. I'm a big squash player, and with that one it seems to be racquet stringing. It seems like, every month or so I need new strings, and at $35 a pop, it doesn't take long, before I spend more on stringing a racquet then I actually paid for the racquet. There is a solution, but it requires a little up front cash, and a bit of time as well. You can learn to string your own racquets. For less than $500 you can get a pretty good stringing machine. If you buy your string buy the spool, and in bulk you'll be amazed how inexpensive it is. Less that nine bucks for a squash racquet for sure. There's a good web page with stringing machines, videos, and a few tips for how to look for the right machine. By the time you've done 12 racquets you should have made your money back. If you don't go through that many racquets, you could always string some for friends. If you play a lot, I'm sure you know plenty of people with racquets that need to be strung.

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