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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Another Crazy Week

Well, this week has been pretty hectic. The kids were sick, Karen was sick, Karen's dad was sick, and some looney is threatning to take us to small claims court for not paying for service they didn't do for us. But, by weeks end everyone is either recovered or feeling better. Unfortunately the looney is still harassing us, but hey, as long as you have your health everything else is small stuff.

I had a pretty good week as far as the new business venture goes. I actually sold my first game. Pretty cool stuff I know. It wasn't a game I wrote, but it was sold from my website. I'm an affiliate thru the Reflexive games network. Which really means my website is like a salesman for their games. So that's a major step for me. As well, the site is starting to generate a trickle of revenue from my advertising. Not much, but there's really not much traffic coming through yet. All I need is a few thousand more visitors per day, and the money should come rolling in ;) Ha! I'm still pretty pumped about it anyway. Gonna try and get the word out there a little more. So, if you or your friends are looking for some fun games to play . . . . then click on over to SunAndGames. We're gonna make you smile . . . Guaranteed !


  • At 5:34 PM, Anonymous Badman said…

    So which games on your site are yours?

  • At 7:16 PM, Blogger Chris Campbell said…

    Hi Badman. My first saleable game is still a work in progress. There are thumbnail shots of it on the first page of my site. It's a variation of the ancient game Go. I'm hoping to have it out soon . . . not soon enough ;) Meanwhile, I've set up the site to let Google and other search engines add it to their index. Then once my game hits the digital aisles, there should be lots more eyeballs on it. At least that's my plan . . . for now.


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