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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Anyone Can Be A Farmer With A Cub Cadet

Ever longed to spend some time on the farm, out on the back 40 tending to your crops, and just enjoying the quiet that farm life can bring. Chances are you haven't, since most people these days live in the city, and the closest they get to tending to crops, is the noise of their lawnmower, as they maneuver it around the kids swing set and climbers. Well, the good news, is that now you can pretend like you are a farmer with your own cub cadet riding tractor. If you've never seen one of these things, well there like a little tractor that the real farmers use. And they should I suppose, since they were originally conceived by International Harvester back when they say a need for the average homeowner to do a little more yard work with the help of a mini tractor. You can get a cub cadet, that just mows the lawn, but I'd recommend you go for the general utility model, so you can add a bunch of attachments. If your looking for Cub Cadet blades, check out that link. There's one for towing stuff, plowing snow, digging post holes, or whatever else needs doing around your yard. Other than that, they're just fun to bomb around on.

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