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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ever Tried Welding?

I've never welded anything in my life, but if I did, I think I'd want to do it with a Lincoln welder. May as well use the best. I'm not the most DIY sort of guy, and was never around big tools very often, but welding seems like a cool thing to try. Not sure it will make my list of to 40 things to do before I die, but certainly in the top 400. All those sparks, and bright lights, not to mention that cool helmet and shades you get to wear. I did work for a while in a steel fabricating plant, so I'm not sure why I never got to try it. Maybe because, I spent most of my time in the office reading blueprints, and making shop drawings for the boys on the floor to fabricate. There were a few weeks, though when the company went into receivership, that I spent working on the plant floor. There wasn't much work to do, so it was either spend a few weeks on the floor or be laid off. I don't remember actually doing very much, other than throwing rocks at the old equipment stored out back. I suppose that would have been my opportunity to use a welder then. If I could have found someone to show me how. You really do have to grab those opportunities, when they arise I guess. Well, maybe someday, I'll get to do a little TIG or ARC welding.

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