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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Chainsaw Lessons

I used a chainsaw once, and it wasn't as bad, as you may have imagined. I still have all my appendages, and they're all still in the right place. That was an impressive feat considering my propensity for not being very comfortable around power tools. Now, it was only an electric chainsaw, and not one of those behemoth STIHL chainsaws used by real lumberjacks for felling huge California sized red woods out west. But, I did use it to take down a tree. I borrowed it from my father in law, who kept telling me to oil or sharpen the blades or something like that. It was a somewhat small tree, but a tree none the less. I actually left a stump of it up for a while (few years actually) as I had plans to carve it into a light post, that never actually took place. It seemed like a good idea at first. I wasn't planning on carving it with the chainsaw, but I thought maybe a lighthouse styled light post would be kind of cool as we do own a sailboat. But eventually, that stump fell victim to another chainsaw. A hired one actually, when the neighbor was getting his tree taken down, and my wife jumped at the opportunity to finally remove the eyesore from our front yard. Although, I've noticed a few houses in town, that have since had old stumps carved into rather amusing figurines on the front lawn. Not sure if they used a chainsaw or not.

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