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Monday, April 27, 2009

Used Wii Games Library

Wouldn't it be cool, if your hometown had a library full of used Wii Games? You know, one like the one they have now, full of all those books. Where, you could just take your free library card out of your wallet, slap it on the counter, and take home as many Wii games as you'd like, and play with them for like the next three weeks. Cool huh?

Well, in a way they sort of, except it's not totally free, and requires a little bit of hacking around on your part. I mean, I think we all know that eBay is full of all kinds of computer games (Wii, PS3, PS2, Xbox, etc,etc) for sale. I'm sure you can find hundreds of games on there you like to play, or simply haven't had the time to try out. I also sure you know that you can sell your games on eBay. Well, there ya go. Still not sure what I mean?

Well, first of all, I'm going to assume your not one of those people dying to build a collection of video game boxes to line your shelves. Like me ;) As an aside, I really am trying to break that habit.

Any way, here all you need to do to get some cheap used wii games. If you don't already have an eBay account, then go ahead and get yourself one. If your under 18, you may need your parents permission here. Anyway if not then just carry on. Next, find yourself a half dozen or so games you'd like to play, and buy them. This is going to take a few bucks at the beginning to get started. Next, play those games, till your eyeballs are popping out of your head, or you can't them any more.

Now, your ready to put those same games up for sale. Hopefully for at least as much as you paid for them. If your lucky, and the games are popular, you may even make a profit here. Once the games sell, it's time to reinvest that cash into a few more games.

I think, you get the idea here. All the games you'd ever want to play for free, free, free (or at least pretty cheap). Who needs all those old games cluttering up your crib anyway? Not when there are so many more games just waiting to be played.

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